Hi!  ComfortChow is a site devoted to comfort food of all sorts, across all cultures. I focus on Los Angeles because I live here, but I will often make prolonged detours into the cuisines of other countries.

To me, “comfort food” is not just a term used to describe new innovations in deep-frying Twinkies.  It’s really shorthand for the sorts of foods that we reach for to soothe ourselves – maybe because we’ve lost a job, broken up with our boyfriends/girlfriends, or simply had a tough day.  Or maybe we’re celebrating happy events – think birthdays where Mom makes your favorite fudge cake and her famous fried chicken smothered in gravy.

It can be a hard, cold world out there.  So come inside from the storm, kick up your world-weary feet, scan some recipe posts or ogle some food photos, and stay awhile.  And don’t forget to clean your plate.