Macarons: Exciting Flavors at Pierre Hermé (Paris)

// Visited: 12.09 – 1.10 //

Pierre Hermé’s macarons seemed crafted in defiance to Ladurée’s macarons.  If Ladurée’s macarons were proper ladies in the parlor (lovely on the outside, boring on the inside), Hermé’s macarons would be like the rebellious new generation: bright wafers punctuated with a dose of shimmer here and there, and ganache fillings dominated by intense flavors ranging from the fruity tang of bittersweet chocolate to the musky umami of white truffle.

The drawback to Hermé’s approach of focusing on more flavor?  Hermé’s ganache fillings, while innovative and delicious, were often too heavy, overwhelming the delicate macaron wafers that surrounded them.

Outside Pierre Hermé, at night


Inside Pierre Hermé. Chic, minimalist, and cozy.

Our macaron prizes, all shiny and new


My friend and I were eager to devour our macarons, so we walked around that cold winter night until we found a hotel about a block away from the bakery.  Hotel La Perle didn’t think it was all strange that two tourists insisted on sitting in the small hotel bar, ordering champagne and making a mess of a couple of bags of macarons, and for such an act of generosity, I commend them.


Impromptu Macaron Tasting @ Hotel La Perle


The work of two macaron-eating monsters

Pierre Hermé
72 Rue Bonaparte
75006 Paris
Tél.: +33 (0)1 43 54 47 77
Metro: Saint-Suplice

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