Macarons: Perfection without Pretention at Gérard Mulot (Paris)

// Visited: 1.10 //

After trekking all over Paris looking for my perfect macaron, I finally my holy grail at Gérard Mulot.

It was a pretty little neighborhood bakery, so different from the fantasyland of Ladurée and the cool chic of Pierre Hermé.  I could imagine Parisian residents buying their everyday macaron treats at Gérard Mulot.

The appearance of Gérard Mulot’s macarons, and the packaging, were certainly more humble than that of Ladurée or Pierre Hermé.  For instance, the pied (the “feet,” referring to the little ruffle at the edge of the macaron wafers) extended out a bit more on the Gérard Mulot macarons, making for a homier-looking macaron, but in no way detracting from the taste.  The texture of the wafers was excellent—chewy and crisp—much more substantial than that of the Pierre Hermé macaron wafers.  (By comparison, the Pierre Hermé macaron wafers seemed to collapse and become gooey quite easily, which was possibly due to the heaviness of Hermé’s ganache fillings.)  The filling within the Gérard Mulot caramel macaron had a simple sweetness with slightly chocolate-y undertones—nothing salty, complex or gooey.  Simple pleasures, simple perfection.


Outside Gérard Mulot


So many macarons!

Macaron heaven


Best Holiday Tree Ever

Eating macarons on a public bench on a cold, dreary day.

“Cassis/Violette” Macaron (Blackberry/violet-flavored)

“Passion / Basilic” (Passionfruit-basil flavored)

Caramel Macaron

Gérard Mulot
Magasin Glacière
93, rue de la Glacière
75013 Paris
Tél.: 01 45 81 39 09

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