Wonder Waffles in London

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Wonder Waffles, at the London Eye


Belgian-style Liège waffles are everywhere these days.  Even Coffee Bean has them!  (Don’t worry about trying them – I already did that for you.  You’d be better off using them as a frisbee.  You’re welcome.)

What makes authentic Liège waffles so special, you ask?  It’s just a word with a funny accent mark in the middle.  Aren’t Liège waffles just a crispy, but otherwise dull and flavorless, canvas for strawberry-flavored syrup at IHOP?  Aren’t all waffles the same??

Let me explain: Liège waffles, warm and expertly-made, are a revelation.  They are denser than regular waffles, and are slightly chewy as well.  They are gooey and toothnumbingly sweet.  Best part — they are filled with POCKETS OF MELTED SUGAR.  The outside of the waffle is pockmarked with caramelized, dark brown, chewy-crunchy patches of sugar.  This waffle needs no strawberry-flavored syrup, no chocolate-flavored syrup — it’s best eaten naked.  (Whether you interpret this to mean that the waffle should be served plain, or that the eater should disrobe before eating, I leave up to you, dear reader.)

Ahem.  Anyway.  Back to Liège waffles.

In March of 2006, I journeyed to London on my spring break to explore “traditional British foods.”  Two days and two pricey meals of mediocre, overbattered fish & chips later, I found myself much poorer in both pocketbook and stomach.  I needed something delicious to redeem my opinion of London, and fast.

I found my savior at the tourist wonderland that is the London Eye.  There, a vendor of the excitingly-named Wonder Waffles stand sold me a waffle that changed my opinion of waffles forevermore.  That day, I fell in love with London, and more importantly, with the Liège waffle. 

I still have yet to make a trip to Belgium to taste the Liège waffle in its country of origin.  But the London version was pretty delicious.  I haven’t yet tasted an American version that matches up.


Wonder Waffle at the London Eye


Wonder Waffle in Covent Garden


Wonder Waffle in Covent Garden


Wonder Waffle in Covent Garden

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